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Potential for geothermal energy exploitation in Catalonia

Deep Geothermal Potential Assessment (3DHIP Calculator)

Deep geothermal potential evaluation tool using volumetric calculation and recoverable thermal energy on geological models

Geothermics in Catalonia - ICGC

The ICGC collects geothermal information and broadens the knowledge of the geothermal resource in Catalonia

The ICGC, in the Geothermal Working Group of the Cluster of Efficient Energy of Catalonia

The ICGC becomes an institutional partner of the Cluster and participates in the activities of the Geothermal Working Group to promote the exchange of knowledge

Database of shallow geothermal energy installations in Catalonia (BdIGSCat)

Collection of heat exchange systems with the subsoil by using installed geothermal heat pumps or in the project phase


Investiga i avalua els recursos geotèrmics superficials i els possibles conflictes d’ús associats en àrees urbanes europees

Geoindex - Shallow geothermal energy

Potential of very low-temperature geothermal energy in Catalonia

Geoindex – Deep geothermal energy

Assessment of deep geothermal energy potential in Catalonia