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Aerial photos

Current and ancient aerial photos

Aerial photos (from 1960 up to now) are available in the User Support Centre and can be requested by e-mail.

Prices (VAT included):

  • Enlargement DIN-A4 B/W: 13.55 €
  • Enlargement DIN-A4 color: 15.65 €
  • Enlargement DIN-A3 B/W: 22.94 €
  • Enlargement DIN-A3 color: 31.29 €
  • Digital contact copy (full photo): 14.52 €

Appointment service

As of September 2, 2019, the appointment service for customized attention is applied to the User Assistance Center (CAU) of the ICGC. You will have to request it at the mail address cau@icgc.cat and / or on the phone number 93 567 15 90.

From November 4th, only people who have requested a prior appointment will be attended.

Other aerial photos can be consulted and downloaded from the collections of the Digital Map Library.