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Videos produced by the ICGC.


Gaia · The Big Mother (2016)

GAIA · The Big Mother is a 48' documentary about the origin, evolution and future of the Earth, focusing on the geological concepts and the role of life and humans. Facts and ideas are shown through illustrations and animations together with films made on places like museums and relevant landscapes. The threats to the sustainability of our planet are also exposed.

The measurement of the Earth (2014)

This video gives an overview of the history of the measurement of the Earth, from the first representations in antiquity, when the world was deeply mysterious, until today, when mapping has been incorporated into everyday life. Subtitles are available in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Support in the event of natural phenomena

Temps al temps - Allaus (2018)

Temps al temps - Monitoratge de la costa (2018)

Temps al temps - Les inundacions i els moviments de vessant (2018)

About the activities of the ICGC

These videos, produced between 2010 and 2012, show citizens the main cartographic activities carried out by the ICGC.

Catalan cartography: History about Catalan cartography from the ancient World to the creation of the ICC.

The ICC: Introduction to the activities carried out by the Institute and their impact on the citizens.

Primary data capture: Sensors for primary data capture and their attributes are introduced. Primary data capture is the first step in the ICGC workflow for cartographic production.

Remote sensing: Explanation of the main sensors used for remote sensing. Studies and projects carried out by the ICGC are also commented.

Geodesy: It shows the commitment between the shape and the measurement of the Earth, and the aim of the cartographic representation of the planet.

Topographic bases: It describes the methods to represent, with accuracy, the planimetry and altimetry of terrestrial objects.

Cartography: It shows how the ICGC creates a wide variety of cartographic products, such as topographic, thematic, and atlases, from the topographic bases.

Toponymy: The task of locating place names on maps and the process to make them official are showed in this video.

Map Library: It shows the ICGC's documentation center, where all the cartographic production of the Institute is collected, as well as maps and books from the 15th century to the present.

L'ambició de la mesura

Interviews including the testimony of 6 agents who have played a decisive role in the geoinformation of Catalonia in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Interview to Josep Maria Carreras i Puigdengolas

Interview to Josep Maria Carreras i Quilis

Interview to Ernest Maragall i Mira

Interview to Rodolfo Núñez de las Cuevas

Interview to Albert Serratosa i Palet

Interview to Joan Antoni Solans i Huguet

Other videos

Toponymy in cartography (2012): Disseminates the knowledge about toponymy in the United Nations.

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