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Explore Catalonia

Old maps and pictures

See how Catalonia was years ago and consult maps from the Map Library.

Coast evolution

The ICGC took aerial photos of the entire coast of Catalonia, after the storm that occurred on 21st and 22nd January 2017, and has published them in a viewer to be able to evaluate the damages.


Follow the seismic live data, consult the details of registered earthquakes and notify us if you have felt any.


Check the avalanche danger and information about snow.


Innovation and prototyping of products and services in the field of geoinformation.

100 summits

The ICGC accurately measured the 100 most emblematic summits in Catalonia.


Collection of maps, pictures and related information

Specialised viewers

Geoinformation advanced viewers.

Instamaps Gallery

Consult and share the maps that other users have made with Instamaps.